Visa Renewal Requirements

The application for extending foreigner’s visa (formalities for visa extension) includes:

– Valid passport and written evidence of residential purpose in Vietnam (investment certificate, business registration certificate, work permit, license for establishment of representative office).
– Foreigner’s passport must have, at least, 6 months of validity when visa renewal is processed.

– An application form for long-term Vietnam visa

– Authorized agency (to which your application is submitted): Provincial or city immigration agency or department.

– Time: It is regulated to take 5 days for visa issuance

Phu Ngoc Viet Translation only requires: Your original passport

Why you should have your visa renewed with

As field veterans, we proudly affirm our profound knowledge of the procedures for extending foreigner’s visa. You should choose our Vietnam visa renewal service, because:

– We are conversant with the legal regulations for visa extension

– We are honest and accommodating

– We are well prepared for the extension of your visa. You must do nothing but give us your original passport in 1 to 3 days before the expiry date of your visa. You can save much of your valuable time.

– Results are announced in timely manner

– Price is fixed reasonably

– We “only get paid for what we accomplish”

– We are highly responsible and devoted: We can finish what we accept, and we never give up on the challenging cases that we take in.

– We get paid when we finish your assignments. Otherwise, full refund is available.

Call us for the best advises to save your time and money and enhance your work efficiency.

Phu Ngoc Viet Translation Company has last-minute solutions for “urgent and fast renewal of your visa” if you run out of time to enter Vietnam.

We wish for your joy and success!

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