Vietnam visa on arrival for expatriates/foreigners who apply for Vietnam visa / landing visa

Vietnam Visa Service

Vietnam Visa Service consists of: Vietnam Visa Application and Vietnam Visa Extension. Our topic, today, is Vietnam Visa Application Service (Enquire into “Vietnam Visa Extension”). Regarding Vietnam Visa Application Service, we often refer to “Visa, Visa Application, Fast Visa Application, Vietnam Visa Application, Vietnam Visa for expatriates, airport transfer, entry visa, Visa Approval letter, Landing visa, Vietnam landing visa, Vietnam visa on arrival, Vietnam visa, Vietnam urgent visa, apply for Vietnam visa, Vietnam visa service, visa service”.

According to the Circular no 04/2002/TTLT-BCA-BNG dated on January 29th, 2012, the procedures of Vietnam Visa Application are regulated as follows:

Applying for visa, foreigners must submit a regulated form and their passports, or equally valid papers (referred to as passports, in general) to the Vietnam’s representative offices. The remaining validity of passports must be 1 month longer than the term of the applied visa. If applying for a loose-leaf visa, you must clarify the reason and purpose of requesting such kinds.

For Vietnamese expatriates visiting relatives but having no passports, they can follow the said procedures if owning foreign papers valid for entry and exit in/from other countries and announced, through official diplomatic channels, to the government of Vietnam from/ by authorized foreign offices.

What is Visa?

Visa (referred to as entry visa, landing visa) is an essential governmental certification for foreigners to enter a country/ is an essential certification issued by the governmental offices of a country, which certified foreigners wish to enter. Normally, visa is stamped on passports.

Visa Services are Phu Ngoc Viet’s specific offers for clients’ visa: full package of visa application, fast visa application, Tan Son Nhat airport transfer.

Procedures/ Documents for Visa for foreigners in Vietnam.

Documents include:

1/ A scanned copy of your passport and flight schedule if you have yet arrived in Vietnam (i.e. you are coming to Vietnam), then we shall apply and attach your visa at the airport.

2/ If you are staying in Vietnam, you will submit:
– Foreign passport
– Employment papers/ Guarantee papers
– Written evidences of legitimate business trip or working.
– Visa Application Form

Difficulties in applying for visa in Vietnam

Though the visa application procedures have been well improved in a “straight-forward/ direct” manner, obstacles still arise: long processing time, long queue, repetition of the entire process due to any errors …

Visa Services are Phu Ngoc Viet’s solutions to save your time and cut your cost for a desired visa.

Why should you select Phu Ngoc Viet’s Visa Services?

As veterans in this business, we can proudly claim our thorough understanding of the Visa Services. If we qualify your files, the visa is definitely yours / We pass your files, the authority does. These are the reasons for your wise choice of Phu Ngoc Viet’s Visa Services:

–  Expertise in the relevant procedures

–  Zealous, likable and dedicated staffs

–  Smooth relationship with the authority (which is the most vital factor to overcome unfortunate errors)..

–  Reasonable fees

–  Our motto: “We only earn what we accomplish”

–  Great responsibility and devotion: We accomplish what we affirm. Once we accept your file, we process it to the end.

PNVT also offers Fast Visa Services.

Following the Vietnam Visa Application process, you can work with our Vietnam Visa Services. PNVT’s Vietnam Visa Services have been proved and asserted, for years, to boost our prestige. Our Vietnam Visa Services always target:

Prestige, Quality and prioritized Client Benefits

Our services for Vietnam Visa shall satisfy you!

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